[TS3] Toriaezu Modern Starter

Exterior - front Exterior - left Exterior - back Exterior - right
Lot Size: 20 x 30
Price: Furnished - 16,241 / Unfurnished - 12,644
Built with Game Version: BaseGame1.14 / WA2.9

パッチ 1.26 よりも前に作成した家なためか、照明が点かないという不具合があります; スポイトツールでコピーし、新しく付け替えなければいけません…。それでもよかったら使ってやってください!

This house was built before patch 1.26. That's why or else, this house has a problem that the lights won't turn on; If you use this house, you have to replace all lightings by eyedropper tool... If that is all right, please download it!

この区画は Easter Egg のイベント「Easter Egg 2nd Anniversary」に投稿しました。


Floor plan

Entrance and Dining area


Sitting area

Bed area and a bathroom door
That door is a bathroom door.

Bed area



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