Bedroom Archive

The Sims 3 Objects suited to Bedroom / 配布中の寝室に合いそうなシムズ3用オブジェクト

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背もたれなし椅子は stool だということを学んだので、ちょっとタイトル違いますけどw

This set is remake version of my objects set I made for TS2 in 2009.

CC Credits in above image

wall paintings: Lpvinyl21 @ BPS / hairbrush, curling iron: ATS3
makeup trays, cotton swabs: SIMcredible!Designs3
perfumes on the dresser: SIMcredible! @ TSR
bags: Simply Styling / dresser: Garden Breeze
window: LunaSimsLulamai / curtain: deeiutza @ TSR
smaller perfumes (default replacement): sleepless_angel @ MTS